This is your opportunity to work 1-1 directly with Felice and experience profound and positive transformation in your mind, body and spirit, allowing you to create success in every area of your life.


Through private sessions with Felice, you will experience yourself awakening to your amazing potential.


There are no limits to what you can achieve with the correct training and guidance

Awakening yourself to your full potential is just one step away

Felice will guide you through an incredible journey of profound, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation over 12 months to help you uncover your highest potential and live genuinely in peace, success, and abundance.
This opportunity is designed for individuals who have dreams and desires of high levels of success in their life but are still left stuck in old patterns of thought and emotions.
If you know you have so much more to give and are desiring guidance to help you fulfill your highest potential, this is for you.

You have a purpose, and you absolutely can master your mind and create the life you have been waiting for and are dreaming of.
Nor more waiting. Make it a reality, starting today.


You are pure energy.
Learn to master that energy, raise your frequency and vibration, and transform the energetic architecture of your own energetic field.
Learn to manipulate the energy around you and transform the reality that you live.
Reality is created through the energy of the mind, and as you master your own energetic structure, your inner light will spread to others, raising the entire frequency of earth and humankind.
What do you desire?
It is reality.
Your reality.
True transformation happens when you transform the energy that you are.

Therapy and Mindset

Everything starts in your mind, and to experience something new; you need a new way of experiencing yourself and your life.
Through powerful and solution-orientated methods and techniques, you will develop positive and rapid transformation in your life. Take full control over your mind, body, and spirit.

Training and Education

To master your new reality, you need the most powerful skills and tools for personal mastery and conscious creation.
If you wish, you can become professionally certified in several modalities such as psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, healing, energy-work and telepathy, allowing you to master the skills and techniques required to start your dream business and help yourself and others overcome life's challenges and create personal success.

Everything turn into light, when shined upon.

Business and Personal Freedom

Want to take full control over your own life and become both spiritually and financially sovereign?
Felice guides you step by step on how to create, develop and expand your business.
Learn how you can make your dreams come true and turn your hobbies or dreams and hopes into a reality of personal freedom and abundance.


There is no need to suffer in your life, and you absolutely can be free from past trauma and dissolve the limitations that have been holding you back in your life. You can have it all on your terms.
You are an incredible human being.
You contain a super-powerful potential for living a joyful and full life; however, you need to become aware of old programs and limiting beliefs running in your mind and delete them to make room for new and better programs.
Felice will guide you into the deepest parts of yourself and help you release deep trauma, limiting beliefs and remove self-destructive programming, making room for an entirely new way of experiencing yourself and your life.

Awakening your amazing potentials and ressouces.

The mind holds no limits, and ideas become real.
Look around you right now.
All of the things you are looking at started as an idea in a human being's mind.
Ideas become real.
When you start awakening to your true potential, you quickly realize that you can do anything when you do it right.
There are no limits, but you have limited yourself.
Felice will help you unlock the incredible potentials and resources of your mind and awaken the creator within, allowing you to expand in every way possible and become a powerful human being with the ability to bend your reality to your own will.


Deep inside you, you already know the truth about yourself, the universe, and how you fit into everything, but society has programmed your mind from birth into believing things that are not true.
You get to unlock the key to the most profound truths about your life.


You have the power to transform yourself and this world, but you have been weakened by society's stimuli and have been cut you off from the powerful forces inside you.
You get to unlock the incredible potential of your human mind and experience real inner power—the power to transform your life and your reality.


Freedom starts inside yourself.
Only when you understand that you are a sovereign being in every way, you will begin to experience the mental, emotional, economic, and spiritual freedom you desire.


There is no real separation, and everything in the universe fits together. When you tune into truth, power, and freedom, you will begin to see and feel the entirety of your being.
You are connected.
Now turn on your receiver.


Your history is unique, and so is your purpose.
To understand your purpose and your power, you need to awaken to the depths of your being.
Throughout your life, you have experienced many things.
Some of these experiences have created fears and shadows in your mind, blocking you from letting in the light that you truly are, but they have all been necessary for you to reach this very point.
At some point, the scales have to turn back into balance, and when you understand how you can transform your shadows and fears into power, there will be no holding you back.
Time is now, and it is time to take complete control over your life.
It is time to awaken.
Felice will show you the direct way to abundance and personal success by transforming your fears and shadows into power and light.

A powerful message for you

Watch Felices video

We are already connected.
Make contact.


Energy is eternal, and has no boundaries or borders.
Through mixing the power of telepathy, with the power of connecting via the internet, you can experience the transformational work of Felice Galileo, from anywhere in the world.
Felice will guide you, train you, work with you, and work with your energetic field no matter where you are.



Follow your gut and experience real transformation



If you are genuine in your intentions and ready to evolve, you are invited to apply for the 12 months program.


You need to create a solid application that explains why you should be chosen as a student, what you wish to achieve, and what your life looks like right now.

If you are chosen, you will be contacted by Felice himself, and together you will form a strategy that focuses on your personal needs and goals, whatever they may be.

You absolutely can master your mind, and you can have it all on your terms.

If you are pure in your intentions and ready to evolve, all shall be revealed.

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